Ok so it’s time for the first competition for all of you budding designers and clothes makers out there. The prizes we are offering are two new books from Assembil about sewing and pattern cutting. The great thing about these books is that you can be an absolute beginner and they cover loads of important steps and techniques (check out Mary’s review for that though).

So the Love Thy Self Competition is asking you to simply design a Valentine’s Day outfit that YOU would love to wear. You can be as bold or daring as you want but we will be picking the two winners based on the uniqueness and it’s ability to be worn. So if you want to go for a new style animal lingerie onesie (we won’t make assumptions I promise), a ball gown of epic proportions, a tuxedo that would make James Bond weep or some cosy pyjamas to help you sleep – then ENTER. Your only limit is your imagination.

To enter, design and email your image with a short explanation along with your name and course at Lambeth College to our email address or if you want to hand it in the old fashioned way. There will be a lovely red box to pop it in up in S425 just remember to put your name and course on there so that we can contact you if you are our lucky winner. We look forward to seeing your entries.

Closing date for entries is 3:10pm on Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Good luck and happy designing!