Don’t Blush! Be Proud of Who You Are!


In the past, if a boy wanted to wear make-up he was weird, people looked at you and laughed at or offended you.

Most of us relate make-up with women only or for special effects that can be worn by anyone. Also there was a stigma surrounding boys who wear make-up and their sexual orientation (which in some places still exists), but I think that we need to think outside of the box and be open minded.

Raul Andrei (a friend of mine and only 19) has wanted to be a make up artist since he was a little boy. He was passionate about art so he explored this area starting with paint and eventually make-up. He was encouraged and inspired by his mother to choose make-up as a career path, so make-up became a passion for him.

Raul in his own style of make-up


Make-up makes him feel alive! It gives him a great feeling! I think that it is exactly what we need to do in society, as a whole. We need to do things that makes us feel like we are born again, we need to do things we are passionate about so that we are working to live, not living to work. We do not  try out different things just because we are afraid of what people say or think about us and we end up living our lives in fear.

There is a saying that a life lived in fear is a life half lived. We need to be confident about our selves and the choices we make because WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND LIVE WITH THOSE CHOICES, WE ARE THE ONES LIVING OUR LIVES! You don’t have to be afraid, do things that make you feel exceptional because later you will be the one that you will feel fulfilled and devoid of regrets.

Raul is from Romania, Rm.Valcea but currently he resides in Bucharest. He’s told me that he misses his family so much but what is he doing now is for him, he is fulfilling his dream, to become a make-up artist. Some of Raul’s inspiration comes from foreign artists @jeffreestar, @mannymua733 (who you can follow on Instagram) that are changing the face of the make-up industry.

I asked him how he feel when people see him wearing make-up. He’s told me that Romania still have the old views about men and make up so he is not surprised when people offend him but he is also encouraged by people, often strangers, that stop him on the street to offer praise for his style and courage. This gives his hope for his country. He is proud of what is he doing so he keeps going, hoping that others will one day feel comfortable enough to be who they want to be without fear of condemnation.

It was hard for him at the beginning because her was surrounded by people more skilled than him. He worked hard to get were he is now. He wants others to know that, with hard work, you can make a career out of your dream, because he has and he can express himself freely through his work.

He thinks that a real artist (whether it’s in make-up, fashion, design, etc.) is the one that creates things because they have a real desire and love for what they do and not for the money (like some people are known to do). An artist has his own unique style. Raul is still developing his style and isn’t quite sure what path it’s taking yet but his artistic journey has offered so shocking and surprising results that he is following up. Raul wants to do something different, not something better than the other. He wants to do something in a style that people will immediately recognize as his work. Like fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, Raul is not reinventing the wheel, instead he is taking that wheel and making it his.
When asked what advice would you give to any aspiring artists, Raul replied:
” Be ambitious and work for what you want. Don’t let anyone take what’s yours and be proud to express yourself freely in a style that only you can own. Be strong and don’t give up because that is the most important and crucial rule when you’re an artist!”
You can find Raul and his work on instagram @raulandrei__

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