Ani-Mania Hits London!


Hey everyone! This one is a little late – apologies but what a great and incredible weekend that we had during the Anime & Gaming Con (February 3–5, 2017). There was so much happening that I have to share with you all.

This year the London Anime & Gaming Con event took THREE FULL DAYS, unlike the last year’s event that was only held for two days. This event went so well and could probably be their best event so far.

Here are the highlights:   

Friday, the opening preview day and in the afternoon session (starting at 1pm) they ran a series of icebreaker games to help everyone to know each other, it is such a great way to make friends and ease into the event. Cosplay Guests Q&A with Ani-Mia was a great experience seeing some of the UK’s best cosplayers attending the event and some of them were present to answer your questions on how to make and develop your own costumes at a great standard while on a budget. Then there’s the Talent Show, if you have a unique talent or even if you can just sing or dance, you were more than welcome to showcase your talent and give your best to win a prize! Opening Night Parties and Karaoke best thing to do to end up your first day on the event.

Saturday – it kicked off with sessions to learn new skills to improve your craft from panel of cosplayers. There were also video game stage talks, which included the gaming quiz, game development and much more. The beauty of this con is that it has something for everyone whether you’re a gamer, cosplayer or anime fan.

The Harajuku Fashion Show was my favourite. during the fashion show, they showed how the Harajuku Street in Tokyo would look like surrounded by the people who dressed up just the way they want and without care for what people think or say about their styles. The residents of Harajuku Street wear clothes in any form they want. It’s perfect for that saying: “we’re never going out of style” because nothing ever does in Harajuku Street.

Saturday afternoon was jam-packed with events, the Cosplay Skit Battle! Cosplay Masquerade, Dub That Anime, more Cosplay, the Auction and live music. There was even a party in the evening for the hardcore Con attendees.

Sunday saw the Ani-Mia Cosplay Guest open the events of the last day. The INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS COSPLAYERS came down to help bring the cosplay community together and was involved in numerous charity events, to check it out visit the Then there was the Cosplay World Masters (CSM), the event where cosplayers had the opportunity to represent the UK in the CSM finals and win a trip in Portugal.

There was a real treat for anime and gaming fans with the Q&A with Quinton Flynn. If you’re into ‘Metal Gear’, Axel from Kingdom Hearts, Naruto (Iruka and Deidara ) then you’ll know that Quinton was the voice behind all of those characters not to mention the other numerous roles in anime and gaming he has done. The closing of the Con saw The Kut Live Band performing. Inspired by bands like Nirvana, they played at the 2012 Olympics and were also voted third in MTVs best unsigned band.

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So that’s it! I’m looking forward to visiting other new events like this, this year. If you’re interested in attending an Anime Con, it’s not too late. Click the links below for more details. – MANCHESTER Anime & Gaming Con , APRIL 8-9 – BRISTOL Anime & Gaming Con , APRIL 29-30 – GLASGOW Anime & Gaming Con, MAY 6-7 – LIVERPOOL Anime & Gaming Con, JUNE 10-11 -LONDON Anime & Gaming Con, JULY 30 – August 2 – CARDIFF Anime & Gaming Con, AUGUST 19-20 – ALCON 2017 , Leicester , AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 3

And if you have time and want to share thoughts and ideas with like-minded fans, be sure to check out this forum:

We’d also like to thank Donald Manning for his photographs of the event. Donald is known among the cosplay community for his fabulous portrait photography taken at the numerous Comic Cons in the UK.


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