Alternatively Made Up!

When you hear the word make-up it makes you think of the daily cosmetics to achieve things like the smoky eye or nude look. But it is more than that! Yes, make-up can make us beautiful but do you ever think about how make-up can really alter your own appearance? Would you ever think of the special effects make-up? Have you ever asked yourself how hard is it to get the exact the look that you can see in movies? Good special effects make-up takes hours of work and creativity. I decided to investigate this field as it is becoming more and more popular. I found on Instagram a talented girl. Her name is Juliya. She is 20 years old and she lives in Dnipro, Ukraine. I was so fascinated by her work that I wanted to find out more about her, what drives this talented young woman? What stirs her passion? So I interviewed her to find out more about the work she does and how she achieves her looks.

For 2 years, Juliya was watching on YouTube tutorials of SFX make-up and horror movies. Sometimes she is reproducing the make-up that Ellimacs, Kiana Jonas, Ellie H-M and also Ines did. She also experimented with new ideas for games, movie characters. She believes that there are so many people who paint flowers, butterfly or rainbows and she tried something difficult like horror make-up as it offered her more challenge. Because she is a beginner she does not use professional products such as special body paint, liquid latex or scar wax. Even without those products she did not give up, she became more innovative to get the perfect which she found could take from 1 to 4 hours. The products that she is using are gouache, nontoxic PVA glue and also handmade plastic. Juliya explained that gouache is not a professional body paint it dries so quickly and can crack so she needs to paint quickly. Her make-up is different because when she paints she put a piece of her (fantasy, ideas, points of view) in her make-up and this means her work is more unique as you can see. What do you think is her best piece? Comment below.

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When I asked what advice would you give others aspiring to be a make-up artist she was very frank in her response:

”You should follow you dreams. Just believe in your yourself. Not long ago I just watched on YouTube tutorials and thought, that I have never been able to do something like that. But you should just try and then improve your skills. Being a make-up artist is so interesting, every day you can change your own appearance. You can surprise other people. And one of the most pleasant reactions for me, it is when people say ‘Wow, how did you do that?’”.

I personally think her work is amazing, she makes it look so real and is achieving the look through alternative methods that are affordable. So don’t let money stop you from achieving your dreams – keep searching for that alternative way and create your own destiny!


If you like what Juliya does, take a look at her work on Instagram – @juliefromearth



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